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XIM4 Firmware 20140619  (Read 48601 times)

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XIM4 Firmware 20140619
« on: 07:03 PM - 07/28/14 »
Download XIM4 Firmware 20140619


XIM4 device initial firmware release.


  • Hold down the 'P' button on the back of your XIM4
  • Plug your XIM4 into your PC while continuing to hold the 'P' button
  • Wait for your XIM4's light to display blue and then release the 'P' button
  • Download and run the XIM4Flash tool
  • Select Update or Restore Factory Defaults
  • Disconnect your XIM4 from your PC after the tool completes

Operating Systems Supported: Windows Vista/7/8/8.1 x86/x64

                                                                      BUILD HISTORY

Build 20140619

Launch Gold Build
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