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Building a new Home Theater setup from the ground up. Need suggestions.  (Read 4436 times)

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I built my own screen out of drywall.

I placed my projector where it was going, threw it on the wall so I know what my maximum size is for my screen. It ended up being 7'x12'.

I built a sub wall on top of the existing wall. I built a 2x4 studded frame, used 3 sheets of drywall and began the taping. You should only have to tape 3 joints and where the screws are.

Once taped and sanded to perfection I was ready for paint. I used Behr Ultra pure white. Using a pro roller I put 2 coats of primer on. Each coat of primer was sanded. I then did 7 coats of Flat Ultra Pure white. Each 1 of the 7 coats was sanded before each coat, dusted off. If you don't do this the projector will pick up the plaster blotching.

Once that was done I then used Trim around the screen, painted it flat black. To prevent screen bleeding the trim was raised about 1/8" of the screen so the light can go under the trim.

Now if you are going to maximize your wall height you will get light on the ceiling. I fixed that by painting the area flat black with 45 degree  6" drop down ridges expanding 1 foot longer/width of the screen on both sides the.

This all cost me $250.00 and took me 5 hrs to make over 6 days.

To buy a 144" screen is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$  yet  I achieved the same quality making it!

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If you go the projector route, try one of those fancy 4k short throw projectors.

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GO with a projector! 

Here is what I bought for my apartment and all for around 2k.  With a 4-5k budget you can get an amazing projector and a full 7.1 surround sound.

Optoma GT750E (Gaming Projector) - $600 there are MUCH better projectors than this one but it will all depend on your room.
Optoma GT760 (Link) Newer model
Elite Screens Manual Pull Down 150" 16:9 - $235 FIXED FRAME is the way to go or you can EASILY make your own FIXED FRAME screen.
Elite Screens(Link) there are better screens out there as well
Yamaha RX-v673 $399
Yamaha Receivers (Link)
Bic America (Acoustech Surround Speakers) - $899 for a full set the link below you can talk the price down.  They ship from Vegas and these speakers are comparable to Klipsch.  I read that EVERYWHERE from Klipsch owners and non Klipsch owners.  There are different speakers that will sound better for home theater movies or just music.  I chose the Acoustech as its better for movies and games.
Acoustic Sound Design (Link)

If you go with a projector (which in my opinion is the way to go over a small TV anything below 90" is small) you need to figure out a few things.    Trust me 110" - 200" in your own home and 3D for games or movies..... just mind blowing man.

If you want advice on everything your best bet is to go search for information at http://www.avsforum.com/ you will get the best info ever there!  I researched for a month or 2 before I bought anything and in the end I chose the above.  Projector was first coupled with my cheap @#$% HTIB, then the screen so we could paint the apartment, then the reciever and then the speakers.  I also ended up buying a good bluray3d player and I have everything running through my reciever to the projector.

You will also want an Active Redmere HDMI cable from monoprice they are super cheap but you will need it for running cable past 25ft if you want a good signal and 3d.
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