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Thank you OBsIV  (Read 791 times)

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Thank you OBsIV
« on: 09:27 AM - 06/20/14 »
If I wanted a preorder, I could make a preorder happen -- I just choose not to. I'm not the type of person that is comfortable with taking people's money without product in-hand. Everyone will get their XIM4 because we are building out quantities to ensure that.

Concerning delays -- we are a small company that is doing our best and will not take shortcuts to sacrifice the quality of the product. Even though we've done this twice before, we are still pushing it further which takes time. Not just in terms of technology, but, in other areas too: such as a professionally designed retail box and a braided USB cable that has a high-light that matches the color of the enclosure. Again, this takes time. You may argue that it's not necessary, but, if I'm doing it I'm going to do it right.

I know that OBsIV is receiving a lot of flack in the forums here being bitched at about release date, pre-orders, lack of updates, how other products are already released, etc etc.

I just want to say thanks to OBsIV. It's so refreshing to see somebody who wants to release a product that does what it's supposed to and more. He's not wiling to settle for anything less than the best product he can possibly make. There's not a lot of companies out there that do that. Most companies release crap with the attitude that they can throw out what is basically a beta item and think "Oh our users can tell us about any bugs. They can be our beta testers."  Then these same companies release a new version in a year with some of the flaws fixed.

Again...thanks OBsIV!!

(when's the XIM4 getting released? hehehehehehehehe....)