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my potential on Xim 4  (Read 732 times)

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my potential on Xim 4
« on: 07:46 AM - 06/14/14 »
So getting that little bit closer to release, here's a couple rounds on BF3. 90% of my matches have been average 2.5-3.5 KD on PC, so hopefully it will translate over to console. I guess this could go in a different forum, but hey it just goes to show what myself and many others are capable of, and it unfortunately goes to waste on thumbsticks, while xim4 is still in production :\

Please no negativity either I don't care if you are the worlds best, I'm just proud of what I achieved. Credit is due to xfactors how to be a better noob series, wouldn't have got remotely close to these stats without his advice.

TV - 40" 1080p
PC - P870

M   - Razer DA 2013
KB - TT Challenger