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Uh Oh, My PS3 Is On The Fritz!  (Read 857 times)

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Uh Oh, My PS3 Is On The Fritz!
« on: 04:55 AM - 05/13/14 »
I currently has an EEC running on a PS3 playing only BF4.  I am anxiously waiting the release of the XIM4 to play on my PS4 to play BF4.  BF4 shuts right down to the system main menu screen as if I am starting the game load.  Happens with both campaign and multiplayer.  I have deleted the game and reloaded the game while maintaining my game data.  No fix.  Tried with the EEC and with game DS3 controller, same result.  Wired and wireless no help.  I am stuck playing BF4 on my PS4 with the DS4,  awwwwwfulllllll!  Jerky movement, aiming flying all over the place while trying to adjust the sensitivity.  Hurry up XIM!  EEC has poor communication and I have heard about XIM.  Sounds promising....