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Boost vs. Turn Assist - Battlefield 4 Perspective  (Read 913 times)

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I was about to put this in the boost thread but it has been locked up.

I have been going back and forth between Zombieguy's setup with a Binary Domain ST vs. Using the BF4 ST and Boost for driving vehicles in Battlefield 4.

They are close right now, but I haven't taken in to consideration the curve mist suggested and the YX Ratio (about to test it out)

I see some advocates for turn assist still out there, so it good to know I am not alone.  My mouse surface is tiny, so if I can hold 'Forward' on my mouse and have the turrent of my tank keep spinning until I put the mouse down again and release the button - this is a huge advantage as I do not have the set up to make big sweeps across my tabletop.

So while the boost is awesome for making the BF4 ST useable whilst driving a tank.. there are the situations where I am tracking a little bird over my head and I want to press that one button, make one gesture with the mouse and have it keep going until I set the mouse down.

Swap sticks was also mentioned and I love that this feature is here.  One reason that I never bothered to try Jets in XIM is because I would have to keep pulling back on the mouse to Pitch.  If I could swap sticks, I can secondary bind down to be like space bar or something like that.

For a game like Battlefield 4 -

Boost - Great for general driving in tanks with the BF4 ST, fine micromovements for precision
Turn Assist - I would love to see this back in XIM 4 because I know some of us use it at least to let the    XIM do the turning for us.  My justification is, a small desk that I use my mouse on.

Swap Sticks - I can't wait to get the time to try this out and apply it to Jets to see if I can cook up a config that works well for me.  As I haven't really bothered in a long time, I need to revisit it and define what makes a great Jet config.. I remember experimenting with Turn Assist for this and it didn't work out.  I was waiting for Swap Sticks to come along.

Other games, I am sure Boost is plenty.. or just swap sticks is exactly what they need..  like someone mentioned killsteaks may have a different look mechanic or demand more or less sensitivity.  Again, to draw from BF4.. I think of the TV missle and what a pain it can be to accurately pilot with my infantry ST loaded up.

Boost and swap sticks will help other games, but I know I will use all three of these when I define my BF4 setup.

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Re: Boost vs. Turn Assist - Battlefield 4 Perspective
« Reply #1 on: 01:00 PM - 03/30/14 »
i second turn assist.
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Re: Boost vs. Turn Assist - Battlefield 4 Perspective
« Reply #2 on: 02:08 PM - 03/30/14 »
The right stick works just as well as turn assist except you have a right and a left button now instead of just one. Does the pretty much the same thing.
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