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Game Over, But Not Completed; the average gamer is now at 37 years old.  (Read 1516 times)

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even VR will only slowly make this worst.

it's the advent of times... we didn't have online MP so we played SP and LAN. we used to not have LAN so we played SP. we use to not have SP and played LAN only. it's the way of the world, progress comes, things change, stabilize, progress comes again so on so forth.

i only play SP games on my Vita because, well.. there's no one to play the MP with LOL (don't know many that have a Vita so can't ad hoc and online MP in handhelds is.. eerrr... not always very pertinent..)

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Depends on the style of game. Obviously FPS I want to play online.

What are you talking about dude?? There is nothing better than loading ghosts up and playing a few rounds with bots *sarcasm  ::)

I can't even remember the last single player game I played.. I think maybe vigilante 8 on N64 lol. I lost all
interest in those game looong ago. Multiplayer has always been so much more interesting. Who wants to play only dumb bots? I personally don't see the fun in it.

Everyone is spot on in this thread. Games are getting more complex and exciting, just like practically everything else in this world. Movies, cars, phones, literally almost everything. There is more intense competition across all consumer markets than has ever been seen in history. It's both real exciting, but kind of scary. Are we eventually going to run out of activities and original ideas to entertain us? Will life become increasingly boring? Possibly. But ultimately I think when full immersion VR gets serious (2030-2045), it will change everything for a good while. I honestly can't imagine a cooler form of entertainment than entering a truly lifelike world of your choosing where you can do anything imaginable. What comes beyond that? I have no idea
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