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Working Great!! - A couple minor observations

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OBsIV  & Tean XIM, Great Job! Worth the wait. 5+ hours BF4 on PS4 without issue. Nice to finally hit what I was aiming at for a change.

Couple of minor observations during setup to report.

On PS4 there was no setting in the Android app for the Como Rose, but I found it is permanently bound to the  L-Arrow key.  One nice thing about it is I am able to map it to the spot button and now holding it brings up the Como Rose (ahla BF3).

Similarly, Battlelog is permanently bound to Z.

--- PS4 / XIM4E /  Razor Nostromo / Logitech G9x / Sony Tablet Z ---

BIFF (Big Ignorant Fat Fart)

Good to hear it working well for you. Since you brought up BF4 I thought this is a good chance to share a vehicle tip.

For optimal vehicle performance create a new setting and set an activation key and toggle behavior. Then use a boost of around 3850 for PS4, 3980 for X1.

I'm using this curve

--- Code: --->>> XIM4 START Paste >>>
<<< XIM4 END   Paste <<<

--- End code ---

and this is what my vehicle setting actually looks like: http://imgur.com/a/NYMoW#1

One more thing. The look mechanic changes between the driver and passenger. So the above is for the driver seat in basically all vehicles, tank, lmv, attack chopper. The passenger seat in those vehicles uses the soldier hip deadzone so you may want a second setting for that if the above settings bother you.

You can also set the right stick to keyboard keys in addition to your mouse for faster turning via your keyboard. This is under the keyboard drop down's advanced menu.

really sorry to ask what is probably a stupid question but how do i paste that code on to an android device xim 4 app and do i need to copy everything in red?

i am not as technical as i like to think

We should really be able to bring up the rose with the scroll wheels also. When the XIM4 is out we should reinvestigate please.

Yes, copy all of the red text then flip over to Manager. Go to edit config, then swipe to your vehicle setting, click the mouse drop down , click advanced, and finally click the box with the down arrow to the left of the graph. Those boxes are copy and paste.


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