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Privacy Game Settings  (Read 2369 times)

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Privacy Game Settings
« on: 04:46 PM - 03/06/23 »
Privacy is something that we increasingly hear about for good reason -- it's an extremely important part of our lives and in gaming it's no different. This has been a topic that's been on our minds for awhile now and is something we will be talking more about going forward. We thought now was a great time to start rolling out the work we've been doing behind the scenes towards this initiative.

What you play, who you game with, and with what devices you use to game is your business. Towards that end, we'd like to introduce a new feature called Privacy Game Settings. The first game we are supporting with this new method is Rainbow Six Siege.

As you already know, XIM requires specific in-game settings in order to function optimally. This normally includes a combination of in-game settings that aren't commonly used together (specifically maximum game sensitivity for both horizontal and vertical aim). In order to anonymize your usage from an in-game settings perspective, we will provide additional recommended settings for privacy along with updated Smart Translators that support it (if it's necessary to do so).

This is the first step of this privacy initiative we are taking and we'd appreciate your feedback! Going forward, you'll also see updated firmware drops with new features as well.

Please check out the updated Rainbow Six Siege game settings for more information.
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