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Thrift shop arcade score!  (Read 667 times)

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Thrift shop arcade score!
« on: 11:34 AM - 02/23/14 »
1977 (Kee Games) Atari Drag Racing

Saw this sitting at my local thrift store (I love these places) and had to have it. Usually most thrift shops dont haggle with price but this game was sitting there for a very long time. Talked them down to 40 bucks as it was pretty rough and non functional. It's no ms pacman or dig dug but its even more rare. There's only 12 known in the arcade registry (possibly more in hiding) and a 9 on a rarity scale of 100.

It even had the original 1977 manual inside the cabinet with the schematic and everything so I went to work. I got it fired up, sound and all lights working, shifters, pedals and tachs working. Just having a hard time getting the steering to get going. Dbus7 is not sending signal/voltage to turn on the optical boards for the wheels. I'll get it going but for $40 I think its pretty....rad lol.

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