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So how are you guys managing to pick up weapons in Battlefield 4?  (Read 2236 times)

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I'm sure you have notice, the controls in Battlefield 4 have been changed. Specifically the change weapon button is now the Pick up weapon button. So in order to pick up a weapon you must hold the change weapon button.

I always have my changed weapon button as scroll up. How can one possible hold a scroll up action...

I assume the only option I have is to bind another key to pick up a weapon....

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I don't remember if XIM Manager for XIM3 has primary and secondary bindings, if it does you can bind a second key to switch weapons.

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Just like mist shows you, you can bind an additional button to a controller button in the XIM manager for XIM 3. I have Y bound to mouse wheel up and then bound to another button on my G700. So mouse wheel = change weapons, and my mouse5 button is to pick up weapons.
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I have a g9x mouse and you can change the wheel scroll to a long forever type scroll or to the clicky kind. If I have it on the long one you can continue your scroll to be read like a long hold.
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Yah I also use a G9x and map the Y button not only to the mouse wheel up for quick swapping to my pistol but also bind it to a "Forward" side button on the mouse as well.  Works great for me.

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With cronusmax + xim3, I use a small script on the cronusmax.

I use keyboard spacebar (A pad XB360) for jumps or Pick up weapons.

Press the spacebar less than 500ms. Jumps.
Press the spacebar more than 500ms. Pick Up Weapons

Code: [Select]
/* ************************************************************** **
*  Script pour CronusMax avec XIM3.                                *
*                                                                  *
*  Si le bouton A (Sauter) est appuyé plus de 1/2 seconde (500ms)  *
*  cela active le bouton Y (Ramassager) de la manette tant que     *
*  A est appuyé.                                                   *
** ************************************************************** */

     if((get_val(XB360_A) == 100) && get_ptime(XB360_A) > 500) combo_run(PickUp);

combo PickUp
     set_val(XB360_A, 0);
     set_val(XB360_Y, 100);