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Welcome to the Beta! (Prerequisites)  (Read 21086 times)

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Welcome to the Beta! (Prerequisites)
« on: 04:06 PM - 02/01/14 »
Thank you for your interest in participating in the XIM4 Beta! Your experience and feedback is critical to ensure XIM4's quality and polish at launch. If you are unfamiliar with XIM4, please refer to the XIM4 Development Blog.

This is an "open" Beta, meaning, anyone can participate as long as they meet the following criteria.

You are a XIM Edge owner

The XIM4 platform shares the same underlying architecture as XIM Edge. For this reason we have the unique opportunity to offer our Edge community the ability to try out the XIM4 experience both on "next" (Xbox One) and "last"-gen (Xbox 360 and PS3) consoles. XIM4 is more powerful, however, so the experience will have some limitations on Edge (namely, can only store 4 game Configs at a time).

We refer to an Edge running the XIM4 Beta firmware as XIM4E.

You have the required Bluetooth adapter

XIM4 includes an embedded Bluetooth adapter to enable complete wireless configuration using a smart phone or Bluetooth equipped PC. For this reason, a compatible Bluetooth adapter must be purchased.

XIM4E requires a Laird BT-820 Bluetooth 4 USB adapter. These USB adapters meet XIM's strict quality and performance standards and can only be bought from a electronics component distributor such as Mouser (USA), DigiKey (USA), and Farnell (EU).

We've spoken to Laird and they said they are committed to keeping the BT-820 in stock in a timely manner. There are slightly cheaper chipset-compatible adapters with higher availability from Amazon, however, in our testing we found a quarter of them dead on arrival and half of them with reliability issues. For this reason, we will not support any XIM4E that doesn't use the BT-820.

You have a USB hub

XIM4E requires a 4th USB port to host the Bluetooth Adapter. You will need a USB hub to connect your devices in this manner:

  • Left Port: USB Hub with your Mouse and Keyboard/Gameboard
  • Middle Port: Console Controller Xbox One (via micro-USB cable), or Xbox 360, or Dualshock 3 (charged)
  • Right Port: Your Bluetooth adapter

Any USB 2.0 bus or self-powered USB hub should work, but, we advise using a name brand hub such as this Belkin.

Over the next couple of days we will be finishing up and releasing the first Beta drop. Please watch this board for updated information.
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