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Optimal DPI for XIM  (Read 1394 times)

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Re: Optimal DPI for XIM
« Reply #15 on: 09:03 PM - 12/31/13 »
for XIM the optimal DPI  is the highest DPI your mouse will support without having issues being able to read how quickly your mouse is accelerating.

on PC the optimal DPI is a simple calculation where-by you factor:
(360 degrees in a circle / chosen field of view) x times your play-resolution) = the number of pixels in a 360* circle
now you simply calculate how much physical space you want to move your input device to turn however many pixels you want to turn.
from there, you raise your DPI to whatever is required to hit your physical target
Quote from: Toysrme
it USE to take about 4600 pixels to do a 360* in most games.
modern day STOCK call of duty, it takes about 10600 pixels shifted just to do a 360* in hip fire.
now let's say you aim a regular old assault rifle with a regular old iron sight or red dot sight on it. we're up to 13800 pixels per 360*
like the acog or low power scope? 19700
what about if you snipe? 55296
so what does this mean? well... it means a 5000dpi mouse can complete rotations in normal play in 1 or 2 inches of area DIRECTLY off the sensor. no in-game multipliers (which make movement more coarse), no acceleration values just to "boost" the count.
now what happens when you bring in a 400dpi mouse to the fight that's 1:1? that's 35 INCHES for one rotation.

400dpi works in single frame games, where your mouse is confined into screen size. you dont need max DPI in starcraft. it's day has long been dead in FPS games. the problem being morons that hold-on to days long gone by.
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Re: Optimal DPI for XIM
« Reply #16 on: 09:36 PM - 12/31/13 »
ok going from g700 to g500s , I think the S is better , it has like 8500DPI or something and it allows me to have lower sensitivity aka lower dead zone but it takes the same amount of space to turn when my sensitvity is much lower than the sensitvity I use on my g700, so basically the more DPI the better

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Optimal DPI for XIM
« Reply #17 on: 04:47 AM - 01/03/14 »
Thanks toys for using fact and reason it shall prevail