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THE XIM 4 Announcement WAITING ROOM..  (Read 8261 times)

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Re: THE XIM 4 Announcement WAITING ROOM..
« Reply #30 on: 03:01 PM - 12/23/13 »
bro that is amazing.. you can tell alot of effort and tought has gone into it. gave me goosebumps

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Re: THE XIM 4 Announcement WAITING ROOM..
« Reply #31 on: 03:08 PM - 12/23/13 »
Just got done reading his post and watching the video. Looks awesome!!!! XIM4 will probably be around the same size as the Edge judging by the size of the board he was using.

Beta will be releasing in a couple of weeks?! I was really hoping to hear end of his month at the latest.

yeah was hoping to hear the same too but still we got the update. the whole phone to XIM thing was amazing.
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Re: THE XIM 4 Announcement WAITING ROOM..
« Reply #32 on: 03:10 PM - 12/23/13 »
That is sexy as @#$% that video, made me cream my pants, just hope they can make it compatible with the ps4.