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Reach out to disabled / handicapped gamers when marketing the XIM4  (Read 8387 times)

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I am also one of those people that cant use a regular controller because of the thumbs... And xim did changes my ways in conecting with people. In a BIG way!!  When It was really bad, (I have a battle cancer for the last 12-13 years) I rearly got out of the aparment. But thanks to xim and online gaming... I can meet and talk to people like I did before my sicklness... I really can not thank you guy that makes this xim-adapter, I cant thank you enough!! THANKS FOR THE BEST PRODUCT IN THE WORLD!!

Without it I would never be able to play onlinegames and meet all thoses people I have been able to conect with in the last couples of years... I hope we will get to the point that ps4 can work on the next-gen (I got one this christmas). But either way... I hope you guys really tries to open up the product for the disable community, since I guess there is alot of people out there that do not know about a product like yours.... I try to spred the word as much as possible.

But I think this is a waaaaay bigger than you guys can ever imagine for those people who really tried everything for a couple of years, and nothing work...then comes aproduct that helps you connect you own special products so you can play with friends and meet new people....

I cant discribe HOW much this really means for us that have been there...so Thanks!! And I hope we can get the xim4 were the xim3 were....that would be great and reallt helpfull....

  Best Regards

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I as many of you come from lots of years play on M\K combination and trying to play on a controller it just not feels right, starting from the movements which can become better with time but no way near to a keyboard, and ending to the aim which is the crucial point, a thumbstick can NEVER achieve what a mouse can do like headshotting on 0.5 sec far away, so yeah much people say "why dont you stick with pc?" i could do that but when you see number like : 9000 player connected on CoD: ghosts pc and in the same day on ps3 on Cod:Mw3 theere are 65000 players connected here comes the answer, more player more fun less lag cause you dont have to play with ppl on the other side of the globe, and that way the game become at least enjoyable.

ps: looking up for the Xim4!

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I dunno. I mean there is only so muc hthe XIM itself can do right? Short of accepting various input devices.

Most people that are handicapped at least that have been for long term (I have been since I was 6) Have learned to adapt as much as possible.

I always grew up playing with a PC and I just learned to do it...really well in fact.

However the controller just wasnt designed for me. So I was missing out on playing with my friends. Who had moved to xbox.

I then got an XIM and got my m/k back and all was right with the world.

The more I sit and think about this the harder it is for me to come up with an input solution that would help me at all...and there really isnt one.

Now some people with much greater, or have only recently aquired their disability. I can not say. Each person is different I presume.

Honestly short of supporting some macros I cant see anything the XIM doesnt support that would help anyone. It already supports a ton of input devices.

No I am not saying add macro support...I am just saying that allowing multiple key presses in one stroke (wich I believe is already possible with xim3 / edge?) I do not see how it could be improved upon to be honest.

Maybe make it support my freaking steering wheel that would be epic.

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Is being thirty eight a handicap?  I think is is..