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Other products giving up on PS4  (Read 6648 times)

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Re: Other products giving up on PS4
« Reply #15 on: 12:12 PM - 12/23/13 »
GuNStArHeRo, you in full meltdown mode today?

Why so angry?

It's going to be fine.
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Re: Other products giving up on PS4
« Reply #16 on: 12:28 PM - 12/23/13 »
I think where the disconnect lies is we haven't really heard boo about the Xim4/PS4 like we've gotten little nuggets of info. about the xbone.  I think this is why there is so much concern/speculation.  In any case I'm sure we'll find something out real soon.
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Re: Other products giving up on PS4
« Reply #17 on: 12:29 PM - 12/23/13 »
its just a few more hours, everyone get out to breath some fresh air and then try to find a calm way how to bridge the few more hours until the announcement is made lol
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Re: Other products giving up on PS4
« Reply #18 on: 12:38 PM - 12/23/13 »
Some of you need to stop acting like jerks to each other. SAME TEAM! If someone says something you don't agree with. Try to find a civilized way of responding. You may be joking, but it doesn't come across that way and you end up just looking like a brat.

Read the rules. Tolerance is getting extremely scarce.

"gunstarhero" and others: stop instigating. I'm removing some of your posts here and some others as they provide nothing positive to the community. Hug it out guys.