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Love It
« on: 08:49 PM - 07/19/09 »
I'm very happy with the XIM.  I've played fps on the pc for years and that's a curse for anyone trying to pick up an xbox controller and play.  I could never enjoy that as much as having mouse and keyboard control in the game.

I didn't want to spend thousands to get a pc rig that could handle the latest games, so I just kept playing Halo on the pc for 6 years and felt like I was missing out on the latest games.

I finally broke down and got an xbox 360 and was almost ready to sell it.  Totally disappointed with the thumbsticks in fps games.

I bought an XFPS rig and it was good, but still kind of frustrating.  The xim360 is well worth the price for me because I can play xbox games now with the same level of control as I had on the pc.  And I can create and save separate configs for all the different games I play.

With the XFPS rig, you have to painstakingly reprogram the thing for each game as well as disconnect and reconnect your mouse and keyboard each time you want to fire it up.

Thank you for creating this excellent product and giving an old pc gamer a chance to have fun.