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How do I uncheck ADS box/disable the secondary ADS speed? (Black Ops 2 ST)  (Read 818 times)

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I'm trying to make a config for Black Ops 2 where I simply use my HIP speed for both HIP and ADS.

Basically, I don't want the ADS secondary speed to activate whenever I aim down the sights using my right mouse button, I just want a single speed for both (like with Halo 4)

If I remember, we used to be able to uncheck the ADS checkbox... why is it locked now? How would I go about disabling it? Really annoying.
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that wouldnt have the effect you want to have
as soon as you deactivate the ADS translator entirely, you will face the delay jump from the ADS game transition
that will make your aim jump all over the place in moments of fast mouse movements
also i think the ADS speed of the game itself ist 1:1 the same as hip but slower, means if you leave out the ADS translator entirely your speeds wont be 1:1 the same

if you want your HIP to be as fast as ADS you can do the following

1) use nomad controller layout, that way you have hip = ads without any transition from the game i think
2) use kodecs sensitivity calculator that tells you what ADS sensitivity you need to set in xim to have the same speed as with HIP
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What is "kodecs sensitivity calculator" please ?

FYI I googled that : "kodecs sensitivity calculator site:xim3.com" and it brought me only one link... which wasn't that useful :/

I've already looked for them using the internal forums search engine some days ago but that wasn't very helpful either...

Can you give us more details please ?
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Read this thread.  Steps 1 and 4 are what you're looking for.



Where can I find the calculator?