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New to the XIM couple questions.  (Read 1137 times)

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New to the XIM couple questions.
« on: 12:19 AM - 07/02/09 »
ok. so i seen this ebay item ----
XIM All-In-One mouse/keyboard adapter for PS3 Item number: 150354743206   

Now it says requires a PC.
Now im trying to make sure i got this all down correctly before i buy.
So the keyboard and mouse stay connected to the PC and its functions are directed to the XIM device then > PS3 ?

Just trying to get it all straight. And this item i posted from ebay will get me running on FPS games on PS3 as if i were playing on my computer ? just as smooth and all ?
if so maybe i can wipe the 4 inches of dust off the ps3 i never use and start playing it =D
Thanks in advance for any info and help...

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Re: New to the XIM couple questions.
« Reply #1 on: 03:56 AM - 07/07/09 »
Hi xcerpt

I bought the item you descibed from ebay, Iam in the uk, the shipping was very quick, and the item does exactly what it supposed to do. I play COD 4,COD waw, Half life, etc. and it is excellent. Ok you need to tweak a few settings here and there ( which you can get on this ace forum ). Im from the generation of Mouse and keyboard users on the pc, bought my son a ps3 and was immediately impressed BUT I cant use the controller to save my life LOL.

Well worth the money


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Re: New to the XIM couple questions.
« Reply #2 on: 08:22 PM - 08/05/09 »
Just bought this item also.  I probably won't get it until next week but am looking forward to putting down the controller.  :p

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Re: New to the XIM couple questions.
« Reply #3 on: 11:49 AM - 08/06/09 »
Hey guys... ordered mine on July 31 - was playing online with online August 3rd (15minutes after i opened the box) - xbox360 and yes... pick a config you see on here for the game you like and tweak it for yourself... (personally i use tonester's for bf1943) and haven't change anything.. went from 2-3 kills per game to 15-20.. yes.. it makes a difference for us k/m oriented gamers.. (ps.. thanks Tonester!)

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