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What would you like to see if..  (Read 1024 times)

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What would you like to see if..
« on: 01:49 AM - 06/24/09 »
..PS3 was main focus of XIM? Don't get me wrong I LOVE XIM and find myself so useless with controller in FPS now..hah BUT if the XIM team was focusing on a PS3 product, what would you like? Someone else(sorry i forget who) mentioned software/Bluetooth XIM. That would be awesome. Less cables, no custom PCBs.

I don't have a 360 anymore and was never fortunate enough to have XIM when I had it but it seems like XIM2 software added a lot of nice upgrades and features over XIM1 software. That would be nice for a PS3 XIM.What bout you guys? Any Ideas? Even crazy ones you might have thought up? hah.

I read a little about XIM3 talk on the boards here. a PC-Less XIM for PS3 would be awesome too.