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E3 Games Thread  (Read 9420 times)

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Re: E3 Games Thread
« Reply #45 on: 02:03 AM - 06/27/13 »
I'm getting a ps4 but I'm glad that they are adding Kinect to xbox1. I think they should eat the price of it tho. I wish the eye included with the ps4. I know they are gimmicky but at least they are something different that can be added and played with. Peripherals that are not bundled FAIL. That is why they are not giving you a choice. I do think their should be an off button tho.

I just want something different even if it is something small like a camera otherwise I just feel like all I'm getting is an upgraded graphics card on PC. It's fun when you first put it in and jack everything up on high but after about 2 days you don't even care. Just the same ole games.

I also like playing wii games with the 95% of people who don't care about games but get a kick out of bowling. It would be nice to have that functionality built in without having to buy a wii.
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