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Razor Nostromo with XBox joystick movement for sale.  (Read 2137 times)

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For sale today is my most recent project. The Razor Nostromo with Xbox joystick for movement!

All buttons on the Nostromo work except for the D-Pad that has been replaced with an Xbox joystick. Just the same, all buttons on the controller are functioning including the left push button on the joystick that has been transplanted. The Nostromo back-lighting can be turned on or off and the the controller works perfectly with my Astro mic. The wire(CAT5e) that connects the two devices IS REMOVABLE allowing for fast and easy storage. All items are 1 owner items, I bought them all new.

All this for only $65! Won't last long so hurry!
Shipping options and prices vary, contact me for more info. [email protected]

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Re: Razor Nostromo with XBox joystick movement for sale.
« Reply #1 on: 03:48 PM - 03/02/13 »
This thread will be locked soon as no sales allowed. just one question, did you sell your XIM3/Edge, then I would keep this for windows or are you planning to mod the Orbweaver? Just asking as the Joystick wont fit.
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