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FAQ for Macro Maganata

What is Macro Magnata?
Macro Magnata is an independent software for controlling XIM from the PC that connects and handles Mouse inputs, Keyboard keys and Joysticks/game controllers connected to the PC.
It is designed to support every game type and every game.

Do I need to have a Joystick to use Magnata?
No, you can use Mouse and Keyboard.

Can I use XIM controller directly?
Yes, but not accessing Magnata features. Check "Hardware setup" below (third image).

What should be my Hardware setup for running Magnata?
The setup you need to run Macro Magnata is one of these three:

This first is the most regular case. You run XBOX games controlled exclusively by PC hardware.
Remember that XIM controller (in this setup) is only the output of Macro Magnata.
Use this scenario for controlling Xbox from your own Joysticks or Keyboard and Mouse.

In this scenario you are connecting XIM (both plugs) to the PC and using the Magnata Software for PC games. Your XIM controller will appear as a regular availble controller on Windows AND it will be the output of Magnata.
Use this scenario for PC games.

In accordance to the first setup, you are still able to use the XIM controller directly. Remember that XIM controller (in this setup) is only the output of Macro Magnata - so you ca't make Macros run directly from XIM buttons.
Use this scenario when you want to play the game normally without Magnata in some cases and with Magnata in others.

Does it support the **** game?
It supports every game and game type. Even guitar hero.

Using Macros in games... isn't it cheating ?
No, it only has the potential of making you a greater player. You can still lose (and probably will until you get used to the software and have built good triggers+macros).

Why .magnata files ?
A .magnata file is a collection of .trigger files. Since you may want different game "profiles" for different games, you can use a number of triggers (like keyboard + mouse) for a FPS game while you use a different number of triggers (like Joystick) for fighting games.

Why .trigger files ?
A .trigger file is the definition of the inputs you want to cause some action in XIM.
It's basically "how should the PC know that I want this". If you want the system to interpret that W should result in XIM's UP button, you define this with a trigger. Note that a trigger can have multiple inputs (i.e. CTRL + Mouse Left Click should be reload instead of fire).
You typically want 1 input per-trigger. Triggers can be of two kinds: Button; Macro;

Why .macro files ?
A .macro is a collection of a pre-defined sequence of actions you want to pass to XIM. Each individual action inside a .macro is called a "macro step". Macro steps are always executed in sequence and can be of 4 kinds: Button; Sleep; Hold; NestedMacro.
Macro files can't be executed directly unless you are in the Test Macro mode. You will need to create a .trigger of type Macro to associate an input to the sequence of actions.

Why does it show me "XIMSTATUS_NEEDS_CALIBRATION" error?
It means it doesn't locate the XIMCalibrate.ini file or it is not generated properly.
Please ensure that:
  • You have latest XIM drivers
  • You tested the XIM.exe runs with no errors
If it doesn't run properly (i.e. can't connect) try this:
  • Re-run calibration (as an administrator) until it's complete
  • Double check that the calibration file (XIMCalibrate.ini) has values (see below)

Why do I get this error "Cant connect to keyboard and mouse (code: 402)" ?
It's because you have an instance of XIM running. You must close down XIM.exe before you use Magnata.You can only use one or the other at any time.
A 'successful' calibration file have values like this:
Code: [Select]

Known issues

Double clicking the last (empty) row in Macro Editor causes an unhandled exception.
Yep, a buggy bug that slipped through. Just press "Continue" as it will not hurt the application.

Windows XP and calibration
This doesn't repro on VIsta. If you are running on Windows XP, when you save the .magnata file in a directory other than the XIM directory, you get calibration issues.
The problem, in software terms, is that when you save the files in different folder, the "environment folder" changes and the application will try to find the XIMCalibrate.ini on that folder. Bummer!

Workaround 1:
Save all files in the XIM directory. (not recommended)

Workaround 2:
After calibration is complete copy the XIMCalibrate.ini file to the folder where you will be saving the .macro files. (recommended)

Step1: create a folder to save the generated files.
Step2: paste a copy of XIMCalibrate.ini there.

This thread will be updated with more questions when they come up.
This thread is locked, please create a topic with your question.

Happy macroing
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