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Getting started with Macro Magnata (download it here)  (Read 3724 times)

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Hello all.

This topic discusses the setting up of Macro Magnata and covers the basics of testing the software. Please read this section before using the software. It may give you errors that you don't understand if you just get the executable and run:


Installation is very simple, just copy the executable file to XIM directory. Of course this depends of where you have installed XIM in, but it is usually in:
"C:\Program Files\XIM 360" (32-Bit Windows)
"C:\Program Files (x86)\XIM 360" (64-Bit Windows)

Video tutorial:

Testing the software
Please test the software just to see if it works or not. Please re-run XIM calibration tool. Some issues have come up when upgrading the driver to the latest but running calibration fixes it.
To test the software do these steps:
  • Open Magnata.exe
  • Do File->New and choose a target filename for your magnata definition
  • Click the Run button (bottom-left of the screen)
You should see a green bar filling and the words "Connected to XIM", it should be working.
Please check the FAQ for a list of known issues.

Video tutorial:

Using Macro Magnata
So you have everything you need to start using Macro Magnata. Check the FAQ and the Basics for more information.

Good macroing
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