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[XIM1 XIM2] Active Value Changing (With Cheat Engine)  (Read 4591 times)

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It's always a real pain to constantly switch back to the XIM program to change to the config values, so I played around with Cheat Engine to find some pointers for the values. For some reason they don't always work. I'll see if I can find better pointers, but tomorrow I'm going out of town to visit family. Anyway, you can hotkey values (exact values, or increments to increase/decrease by). CE also has the ability to generate trainers, so as an example I made a program that swaps the sensitivity and XY Ratio on-the-fly to help with games like Halo 3. Only issues are that it doesn't save the values and doesn't work with the Smart Mouse System itself. Just use a normal config for Halo 3.

If anyone is any good with Cheat Engine I could use some help. I've hardly ever used it before.
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