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Downright amazed!  (Read 1659 times)

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Downright amazed!
« on: 04:58 PM - 05/02/09 »
First off, I'm a console gamer. The extent of my PC experience is Halo PC/CE. My dad plays Halo PC on a nearly daily basis, but it's the only PC game he plays.
My brother, who lives across the US, often plays Halo 3 with me. After a while my dad felt a bit left out (and out of date). He's God-awful with a controller, so we looked for a mouse/keyboard adapter. We found the XFPS.
After a handful of reviews we figured that the XFPS wasn't a good option. Well, a few weeks ago I stumbled onto this site. The $180 price tag really threw me off, but from the sound of it the XIM2 was perfect. Best investment ever. I originally ordered this for my dad, but he'll be lucky to pry this off my dead body. Once everything was set up I had a few friends and my dad try the XIM out.
My PC-gamer friend said it felt exactly like on his PC.
My 360-gamer friend wouldn't let me back in my seat.
My dad now wants his own 360 and XIM.
We all approve.

I really don't know what the whole "PC experience" should be like, but this is a million times better than fighting with the analog sticks. Anyone who is currently a console gamer shouldn't jump to conclusions about the XIM, though. It really only helps with precision aiming. My ability to snipe has gone through the roof, but with any other weapon I'm the same as with a controller. Not only that, but FPS games are more fun. Instead of using the analog stick to aim, I just aim. It's hard to describe.

And I never noticed how terrible the autoaim was on Halo 3 until I tried playing with the XIM.

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Re: Downright amazed!
« Reply #1 on: 09:09 PM - 05/02/09 »
Your Dad plays Halo 3? Sounds like a pretty cool Dad. :)
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