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PS3 --> PC Driver w/Sixaxis support  (Read 3399 times)

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PS3 --> PC Driver w/Sixaxis support
« on: 08:44 AM - 05/02/09 »

wasn't sure where else to put this but I stumbled upon this yesterday and thought I'd share (and admins, if there is a more appropriate place to put it please do...)

The sixaxis support is pretty sketchy but this is a REAL driver in that you don't have to double click some proggy every time you want to use your PS3 controller under Windows.
I think this one supports DS3 as well with the proper app too (which doesn't matter XIM-wise but may be useful to you if you want to use your DS3 controller with rumble for a Windows game...)

And yes, the site is in Japanese.  The driver is very near the top of the page though in a RAR file.
works freaking great!

OK, after some further experimenting. doesn't work so good.  The left stick works fine under XOD's program, but it doesn't work right under XIM.exe.
I did find another option though -

use option D.

this ALSO is a "real" driver in the sense of you don't have to run a program every time you want to use your ps3 controller but it doesn't do sixaxis at all (and frankly, the ones I've tried don't do it well so just use this one and call it good...)
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