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Any tips for BO2? I suck... but was great at MW3  (Read 5035 times)

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Re: Any tips for BO2? I suck... but was great at MW3
« Reply #15 on: 11:09 PM - 11/25/12 »
ok im prestige 5 now with kd of 3.5 and wl of 2+, best advice is set search preferences to best, I personally play Ground War as sucky team mates dont has a massive affect as 6 vs 6.  always move in cover or out of lines of snipe/lmg`s etc, use low rolling ks like uav, lightning, stealth chopper or uav,cuav,vsat ?? get used to a gun and attachments and stick to it,(msmc or scorpion for cq) m8a1 with auto and silence for larger maps, hip fire a LOT more than any other cods before, most important to me was flank and cover all the time,, i regular get 60kills plus using uav/cuav and vsat and 40 of them enemies are dead before they know as im flanking the flag or side of map I wanna take! running in and diving on a flag will get you killed most of the time?
By flanking i mean looking at minimap and seeing where the hotspot for headglitchers and window campers are then move in and take there spot n killem, quickly move to the next until that area is safe and/or spawns flip then take flags or collect tags?? cant comment on ctf cos never played it
hope these tips help and is mainly how I changed my game from mw3 to black ops

PS watch an hour of TBNR FRAGS or INCREDIBLE ORB on twitchtv and watch how they move around the map ;)
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