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PS3 development
« on: 02:38 PM - 04/13/09 »
I have been working on a mod for the ps3 using a controller and an opensource interface to controll the pushbuttons via keyboard. Now i know xim has nailed the software issues since my xim works wonderfully. But for ps3 i want to replicate the controller the only problem i am having is with 2 parts. 1 i cannot firgure out how to get a circut interface for replacing the potensiometers on the aim stick so i can controll the zones with the mouse. And 2 i am not a programmer so i am using rudimentary software to do this.

I am curious if anyone from xim or the xim community is skilled in these field and would be itnerested in working with me to create this mod. The way i figure it if we just replicate the actual buttons and sticks on the ps3 controller sony will never be able to block it via firmware ect.