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Hey PS3 Xim'ers  (Read 1368 times)

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Hey PS3 Xim'ers
« on: 08:00 AM - 04/12/09 »
Hey i play on the ps3..
And am looking for 5 EU ps3 cod4 XIM players....

Basically am in a clan, and i have been wanting some of the guys to get a Xim1
As one or two of us have play'ed pc...

So i thought one way to convince the lads to get one would be a friendly scrim.

So if there are any PS3 Xim'ers that would like to have a friendly on COD4

Please add: xx-flowzilla-xx

really simple to add ;P
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Re: Hey PS3 Xim'ers
« Reply #1 on: 08:46 AM - 04/12/09 »
I've bought one so i'm getting it hopefully pretty soon.