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Xim Edge: n00b question: what does primary buttons and secondary buttons mean?  (Read 3177 times)

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today I received my xim edge. I play bf3 on ps3 so I did a decent config for me using my old Logi G5 (2000dpi) and a cherry keyboard. Still need som finetuning with the sensitivity (hip:60/ads:40 atm).

I studied the tutorials and the manual on the website, but I have questions. :D

First: In the bottom left corner of the edit config window I see this information:


What does this mean?

Second: Again the Edit config window
Below the controller image there is a drop down menu Primary Buttons and Secondary Buttons. What is this?
I didn't find anything in the manual.

Third: Aiming in BF3 is great playing as soldier, but using a the MG of tank or a buggy is very slow. Why?

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hip = for firing from the hip translator
ads = aim down sights

usually a game needs two translators for this
you can adjust their speeds independently

primary buttons:
just bind you buttons there
you can double bind actions
eg zoom + holding breath at the same time
or jump + crouch at the same time for being a smaller target whenever you jump
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Primary Buttons - are basically the base or main movements.
Secondary Buttons - are like xtra movements you want to add on those buttons that are already used or something like thtat. *its just obvious*

Good example, is colour/s. Google would be the best option for primary and secondary colours.
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Question on secondary buttons.
I have ADS set to Joystick 9 in XIM Manger primaries. I'm trying to combine it with Sprint (hold breath); I go to secondary menu, click on Sprint, and set to Joystick 9.

When I tried to hold my breath in game, I could not do so with either the ADS (+ hold breath attached as secondary) or by pressing the normal Sprint button (left trigger) separately. *Yes the Sprint button is working properly on its own.

Am I doing something wrong here? Do I need to select ADS in secondary menu and assign it to "left trigger" instead?

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