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Feedback on the XIM EDGE (PS 3 MW3)  (Read 1193 times)

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Feedback on the XIM EDGE (PS 3 MW3)
« on: 04:16 AM - 07/17/12 »
Hi guys,

Just wanted to give you some feedback on the XIM Edge. Using it on PS 3 playing mainly MW3 (reason i bought this because i love PC Gaming & like CoD, but MW 3 isnt really playable on PC due to cheaters). I just cant handle a Gamepad while playing shooters. I had been a PC Gamer since i started gaming. So thank you very much for developing this.


From USA to Austria: 3 - 4 days, very expensive shipping (40$ FedEx Express) ... Unfortunately thats the only  option i could choose.


Standard Packaging. Nothing special here.

Other things included: USB-Cable (for connecting the EDGE to PC & your Console) & Instructions on how to setup the Edge.

The Instructions are very well done & easy for everyone to understand. Did not have to watch any videos which are also provided on this site. Very nice description XIM-Team!

Connecting to PC/PS 3:

Just plugged it into a free USB-Port on my PC & it has been recognized instantly. Downloaded the latest XIM Manager & this worked also perfectly for me. Connected the Edge with the Manager & startet to create a Profil for MW 3 (with custom Key bindings) -> Worked fine with no problem.



Razer Deathadder Black Edition 3.5G
max. DPI of 3600
max. Refreshing Rate: 1000
Sensitivity Hip (adjusted ingame): 24.10
Sensitivity ADS (adjusted ingame): 27.45
Delay (default) 120ms

Well, i must admit that i was concerned if there would be any input lag when using mouse/keyboard on PS 3 with the Edge.

But i am very impressed: There is absolutely NO Input Lag. Really nothing. It plays like MW 3 does normally on PC. Great job.

Configuring the sensitivity ingame is also very comfortable (see description on how to do it) and works perfect.

As you can see i am very impressed by the Edge. Did honestly not think it would work that good.

It was worth every 160$ :D (~ 90$ Edge, 40$ Shipping, 24,08 duty on imported products <- Didnt knew that before)