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Edge arrival  (Read 799 times)

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Edge arrival
« on: 05:53 PM - 07/07/12 »
well my Edge got to Brisbane Australia last Friday and i didn't get time to try it out till Saturday afternoon but when i did i was amazed at how well it worked and would like to thank every one involved in the design and all you RC and beata testers and all the guys who have commented on setup and setting in the forums. i originally purchased the xim360 and loved it except the part where you needed a pc plugged in all the time but apart from that it was great later i wanted something similar for the ps3 and went for the split fish which died during the first 3 weeks due to a botched update . then i got a Aimom which dropped out all the time and was as laggy as hell but now i will sell that on ebay thanks to the XimEdge i love it soo much thanks again team you made an old pc gamer real happy ;D