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XIMEdgeManager 20120627  (Read 8150 times)

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XIMEdgeManager 20120627
« on: 09:24 PM - 06/28/12 »
Download XIMEdgeManager 20120627

XIMEdgeManager 20120627

Includes XIM OS 20120627 Update (make sure to click "Update XIM OS")

- Flash write activity indicator (rapid yellow blink) to indicate when itís unsafe to disconnect Edge (during in-game Config change writes and PC-Mode entry)
- Added option to disable "breath" animating color in Play Mode
- Added Config cycling (next/previous) settable hotkeys
- Ballistics Curve Editor now displays a different point color if non-linear
- Button translation now disabled during in-game button-binding
- Fix: Initialization failure on some PS3 consoles
- Fix: Ballistics curves are defaulting the flat on new Configs (should be linear)
- Fix: XIMEdgeManager fails to start if WinUSB.dll isn't on the machine (i.e. XP)
- Fix: Entering a Delay value that's less than 8 shouldn't round down to 0

- Battlefield 3 Game Support UPDATED
- Black Ops PS3 Game Support UPDATED
- Dark Souls Game Support
- Inversion Game Support
- Sniper Elite V2 Game Support
- Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (PS3-specific) Game Support

For a complete list of supported games, please see the XIM Edge Official Game Support List.

Instructions (see Instructional Videos or Manuals for more detailed steps):

  • Unplug your XIM Edge from your console
  • Unplug your mouse, keyboard, and controller from your XIM Edge
  • Plug your XIM Edge into your PC and wait for it to display blue light
  • Download (link above), un-zip to a folder on your PC and then run the XIMEdgeManager executable
  • Press the "Connect to XIM Edge" button.
  • If you are running outdated Firmware (i.e. XIM OS), you can select Update XIM OS to upgrade.
  • Make any changes to your Configs or add new ones.
  • When finished, press "Save & Disconnect".
  • Plug your XIM Edge back into your console.

Operating Systems Supported: Windows XP SP2/Vista/7 x86/x64

                                                                      BUILD HISTORY

Build 20120429

Launch Build

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