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Red-Green-Blue Loop and XIM Edge's Anti-Brick feature  (Read 18335 times)

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Upon bootup, XIM Edge has a verification step that makes sure everything checks out correctly. If the device has been tampered with or memory has otherwise been corrupted, XIM Edge will display a red-green-blue light sequence loop quickly over and over. You should never see this. But, if you do, donít worry, you havenít bricked your device.

Memory corruption can also be caused by cutting power to your XIM Edge while it is updating its flash memory. Do not unplug your Edge during a flash update. Flash updates happen in the follow scenarios:

  • XIM Edge is in the process of entering PC-Mode (when you plug it in without peripherals attached, wait until your Edge lights blue before unplugging)
  • Saving a Config during in-game editing (after pressing Start+Back on Xbox or Start+Select on PS3)
  • XIM Manager is updating XIM Edge while Saving & Disconnecting

To fix, there is a small red button on the back of your device. What you need to do is:

1) Press and hold down that button (using a paper clip)
2) While continuing to hold, plug your XIM Edge into your PC
3) Wait for XIM Edge to light up blue (at this point, you are in "PC Mode")
4) Run XIMEdgeManager
5) Choose "Restore Factory Defaults"
6) Replug into your console and your XIM Edge will be restored

Please report this to us if you ever see this happen.
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