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XIM Edge - 360 BF3 Review  (Read 1279 times)

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XIM Edge - 360 BF3 Review
« on: 04:33 AM - 08/28/12 »
Hi Guys

Just thought I'd share my experiences 1 month on.


Well, I'm a long time PC gamer and used to have some pretty good lan party skills. Sadly, as I'm sure many other XIM'ers have the same issue, all my friends are on console. There are, of course some benefits to console play, not least of which is the lack of cheating. I still purchase all the BF games for PC as well but find that a real turn off. Over the last few years though my controller skills have improved and I easily maintain a K/D of 1.5 on controller but always found myself annoyed by how hard some things are with it.

Finally, I cracked, and picked up a SplitFish SharkFX to see if a mouse might suit my needs on console. I'd previously tried other controllers such as the Onza and found them to make almost no difference. So I give the FragFX a whirl. Frankly it was a revelation, rubbish to be sure, but a revelation anyway. Aiming become a total nightmare of rough stepping issues and the mouse was beyond garbage. However, in spite of these criminally bad usability issues it was simply wonderful to have fast accurate(ish) control again. My play didn't improve overall but I gained immeasurably in situational awareness. I also foudn the nunchuck to be pretty @#$% good.

I was sold, now all I needed was something (much) better.

XIM EDGE First impressions

So a bit later I had a small looking package from the states at no small amount of outlay, combined with the cost of a G700 (I orginally tried my old MX518 but the optical sensor lit up my darkened room like a flashlight), the cost of a Sony Nav (I liked the FragFX controller but it gave me hand cramp after extended sessions) and a new pad. All in; it was way more than the cost of a new XBOX!

All I had was this tiny, if well made, grey box.

Then I plugged it in and started setting it up. Oh my god, was I impressed. Years of software development have accustomed me to most devices having terrible UI. The fact that this niche device even works reliably is impressive let alone how well it works. Software updates never make it feel like you'll brick something and the whole thing is intuitive and slick. If it performs like it looks - I thought to myself - I'm in for a treat.


So after about ten minutes of setup I was sat down controller in hand. The XIME allows for fairly easy setup via the PC once you know the button config of your Mouse but also allows quick and easy changes via the wired xbox controller (required).

Thats pretty much it. I'm a high DPI player and I was instantly blown away by the 1:1 feel the XIM provides. I've played far too many PC games over the years that have horrible mouse smoothing or acceleration that can't be disabled. XIM is NOTHING like that. Using my new little toy feels suddenly like I'm using a well set up and encoded PC game. On top of that I feel that the flexibility of controls is actually far better than you tend to get on PC. Setting up Battlefield on PC is more laborious and doesn't let you have quite as much context sensitive simplification as the console; which I personally like a lot. That flexibility also comes into play for setting up separate control schemes for vehicles which also makes a hell of a difference.

Overall my K/D has improved to around the 1.8-2.0 mark but the main difference is the feel of being connected to the game. I don't miss the rumble like I thought I would and I love being able to get kills on people who are bunny hopping or tucked into awkward corners that would normally be hard to hit.

All in all it's just totally worth the outlay. Even if, like me, you've become very used to and quite happy with the controller (around 1000 hours on BF games alone). Slowly my old Mouse skills are coming back!


Simply love it. I've had a small technical issue with sound and a system like this will never be as clean or simple as a controller but overall it's borderline perfect. I still wait for Wireless Sony NAV support but with OBSiVs superb technical support and updates I don't doubt it's coming.

I'm a convert!


XBOX 360 + official wired controller
Astro Mix amp and Sennheiser PC360 headset
G700 mouse in high polling mode wireless
Razr Mouse mat
Sony Wired NAV
Pioneer FP with 106" fixed frame screen in a 'bat-cave'
SVS PB13U sub and Crowson transducers

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Re: XIM Edge - 360 BF3 Review
« Reply #1 on: 07:15 AM - 08/28/12 »
Apologies for not posting this in the blindingly obvious thread above!

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Re: XIM Edge - 360 BF3 Review
« Reply #2 on: 08:46 AM - 08/28/12 »
Apologies for not posting this in the blindingly obvious thread above!

Thank you for your feedback, and you can still repost it here! :) : http://www.xim3.com/community/index.php?topic=22313.0
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