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Halo 3 help  (Read 804 times)

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Halo 3 help
« on: 08:13 PM - 02/28/09 »
I didn't really know where to stick this topic so hopefully people look here.  I know there are a lot of you guys out there that are very skilled in Halo, and, hopefully, some that are skilled and are actually a pleasure to hang out with, which brings me to my point.  I'm hoping to become a overall better player and the way I currently play the game I'm almost going into every game with the odds stacked against me.  No one I play with uses any kind of call outs, which I would love to learn, or has any designated role to speak of, and every game is just a bunch of running around with random encounters of isolated skirmishes.  Eventually, even if you don't take video games too seriously, which I don't, you get tired of this sort of thing.

I never played Halo 1 or 2 and never really thought I could like FPS at all but I've been playing on my first account in Halo 3 for awhile and would like to see how good I could actually get if I surround myself with people who are going to actually make me better.  I played a lot of ranked play lists in the beginning, before I knew any better, so it's hard to rank-up eventhough I've improved lightyears since I began.  I've got a buddy that I play with some and I've managed to get a 33 in doubles but I honestly think I could break into the 40s as that is what I would guess I play at based upon sizing myself up with the competition lately.  So, if you're laid back enough to take a scrub under your wings I'd love to learn a thing to two and hopefully have fun in the process.  Thanks for reading.  I'll post my information if anyone is interested.