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Sens and settings for mw3  (Read 2542 times)

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Re: Sens and settings for mw3
« Reply #15 on: 07:54 PM - 04/25/12 »
So, I managed to get some time over the weekend to play with this.  I followed all the instructions in the videos mentioned to a T:

connected my G9 to PC.
Run SetPoint
set horiz & vert DPI is set to max and make sure DPI button on mouse is all the way up
set polling rate to 125/sec
set to use OS settings
make all buttons generic
select BURN to commit the changes

set in-game sensitivity to max

just use a smart translator for the mouse

...and after testing both offline and online, I still wound up jacking the XIM3 primary and secondary mouse sensitivity above 100.  Primary's at 130, secondary's at 110. 

*shrug* maybe I just really like being able to do a 180 with as little wrist motion as possible.  I don't find it adversely affects my aim...I'm not doing any worse than I do on PC.

EDIT: Actually, after playing last night, I lowered both primary and secondary to 80, and like it more.  I may drop it even further.  I doubt I'll every take it down to 15-20 though.

Set polling to 1000 and make sure your mouse is at 5700DPI because 80 is way too high. I play at 30sens and thats already going to hit black dots if I move more than 1cm.

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Re: Sens and settings for mw3
« Reply #16 on: 08:34 PM - 04/25/12 »
3800 with around 22 xim sens.. get your "im epic in pc fps reactions" ego in check and work whitin what works with the tools you use.. then ask your gf if faster is better and then LOWER your xim sens some more.. this is aimed at the sifr guy right in the face.. feel it splitting your face while you still try to aim at anything with your ridiculous blackspotting
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Sens and settings for mw3
« Reply #17 on: 05:57 AM - 04/26/12 »
I have my G500 at 4000 DPI, xim is set at 44 primary and 11.70 secondary 500 polling. It's super responsive and a 180 still only takes a 3 in swipe. I think the g500 is too twitchy at max DPI, it's much smoother at 4000.