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best settings for lcd with TN panel an vga cable (hp 2331a)  (Read 540 times)

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i had it set on quick view game mode , an adjusted the mw3 settings but last night i cycled through the other option found i could see better across the map with 9500k or 6500k selected

i dont want to start doing to much tweaking though

should i enable dynamic contrast ratios in the monitor settings or leave it off ? does it lag with it ? (vga connected xbox)

brightness seems to be set at 100 after factor reset an contrast was 95 i think

what are optimal monitor settings for panels like these ?

really think ive been missing people in over white areas like misty bits in the distance an dark areas

i put the lcd on 6500k an i could see right across foundation in good detail
just found my self changing brightness up an down on both the lcd an in mw3 options

not sure what to go with no though could do with some advice from someone,

i cant find out much online an hp got nothing on there site i can see ? any ideas guys
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