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Joystick D-Pad  (Read 413 times)

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Joystick D-Pad
« on: 06:25 AM - 09/28/11 »
So, joystick D-pad. Ok This may not possible do to many reasons like pace in memory or physically in the ui. But the one problem I keep reading is analog. (I know OBsIV knows this I'm just posting this detailed explanation as the last idea got flamed) If the joystick was split into octets (8 directions on dpad), there is no way to keep the stick position in the correct octet. As the joystick returns the area to center octet area becomes smaller. This makes flick selections impossible. Notice the stick passes through other octets.
The only activation here should be west and north.
So is it possible to have this implemented with a high dead-zone?
It does not need to be configurable. Just simple joystick = D-pad translation. When the Stick Binding config is set to keyboard maybe have a knob for joystick d-pad.

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Re: Joystick D-Pad
« Reply #1 on: 09:33 AM - 09/28/11 »
that actually makes perfect sense.  run a super high deadzone, so you have better division of the 8 sections.