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Newbie questions--sorry if I'm rehashing  (Read 1410 times)

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Newbie questions--sorry if I'm rehashing
« on: 08:00 PM - 11/17/08 »
Hi.  I just bought a MIDI drum set for use with GHWT.  (It for my son's birthday, 12/24, and Christmas.  He's wanted a drum set for a long time, and I thought an electronic drum set that could also be used with the XBox 360 would be a better, more fun way to play.)

Anyway, I've been looking around on how to set up a MIDI (anything) to use with an XBox 360.  I need to understand how this is supposed to work, rather than creating some sort of hardware.  (I can do that after I understand the flow.)

I realize now that I need an extra piece of hardware (and software), but how does it work?  Right now, I just need a high-level explanation of how the controller fits in with the XIM (XIM2, what's the difference--sorry), how the laptop fits in (other than programming the MIDI to the controller buttons), and finally, how it connects to the XBox 360 (USB, I hope.) 

The MIDI drums have a firewire out.  I have not opened anything yet, for fear of my son finding something.

I will continue reading, but if someone can offer any tidbits to me, that would great. 

37 days and counting....

Thanks, Steve