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Xim3 Impressions after 3 weeks  (Read 1015 times)

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Xim3 Impressions after 3 weeks
« on: 12:15 AM - 08/03/11 »
Hey guys just giving out some feedback to those interested in buying

1st of all I ordered this thing from Australia. The shipping time was awesome I think I ordered it on the wednesday and had it on tuesday which is pretty @#$% impressive. I'm grateful for that as I'm very impatient and handsome and when I want something I want it ASAP or else I'll have some kind of fit which will always end up with me in the pantry eating all the jelly cups...and that's not cool because sometimes I have visitors and I know one of the main reasons they come over is because they are aware of my ample supply of jelly cups.

2nd I bought this sexual unit because of COD Black Ops. I only bought the game about 6 weeks ago and playing with my friends I knew I was well behind them as far skills, cunning, competency, knowledge and again being the impatient and handsome person I am, I needed help. After googling Keyboard adapters I saw this site it interested me but I as wondering what the difference is between the xim and a simply keyboard adapter. After watching some youtube videos and talking to my friend ( who also bought one ) we were so sold that this was going to turn me from special needs to special positive word the rhymes with needs. So thanks to all you guys who uploaded video footage of yourselves owning it up with very little effort..it's what made me buy this product, it's also made me lose my house as the 149 was in the account for my house repayment BUT I DON'T CARE. I'm living on the street and plugging in my 360 to a wall socket outside a 24 hour McDonalds and I will continue to do so until my wife lets me move back in with her at her mothers house or I win some kind of competition that makes me heaps of cash, like dancing with the stars or jackass.

So my set up is like this

G13 Keypad + Razer Lacheris Mouse ( Im still not 100% if the DPI is set correctly, I flashed it at 4000 dpi through the software on my pc the shut the pc down unplugged the mouse then plugged in in the xim ) and of course the xim3.

My gameplay has improved 10 fold and I am always finishing in the top 3. I did a massive 180 turn and went from 5 and 15 in td's to high 20's and 5-6 deaths. It's incredible, the aim is superb and I'm getting better each day.

Im going to upload some footage in the next few days but yeah for anyone that's thinking about it all I can say is do it! You won't regret it.

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Re: Xim3 Impressions after 3 weeks
« Reply #1 on: 08:32 AM - 08/03/11 »
nice read tbh

if you want you can post your review into the specific topic, so users have an easier access to your review without having to search the forum to find this topic :)

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