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XIM NEXUS Smart Actions Primer  (Read 291 times)

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XIM NEXUS Smart Actions Primer
« on: 06:59 PM - 05/24/22 »
With the launch of Smart Actions on XIM NEXUS today, there's going to be a high demand for sharing codes and configs.

Let me kick things off by sharing some Smart Actions that I use in Destiny 2 as a primer to get you going.

Rather than share codes, I'll provide screenshots of the Smart Actions for now. Codes and the full config will be posted at a later date once the dust settles on the final format of Smart Actions.

Before diving into specific Smart Actions, let's cover a few general settings that will apply to most of them.

Game Roles

Open a game config in XIM NEXUS Manager on PC or Android (iOS isn't updated yet), swipe across to the Mapping page, then scroll all the way to the bottom to Game Roles. This is where you set your triggers for Aim Down Sights and Shoot. Leave these at 1%, we'll play with them in Smart Actions.

Wait Variance

Wait Variance applies randomisation to Wait times in all Smart Actions. Its purpose is to change Smart Action timing on each iteration to obfuscate NEXUS from input detection. I set Wait Variance to 5% so there's a little Variance, but not enough to mess with the timing of Smart Actions. If you need Smart Action timing to be precise, Wait Variance can be toggled off in each Smart Action individually.

Wait Action

In the Smart Action Editor, there are dozens of Actions that do specific things when used in a Smart Action sequence. The most commonly used Action in a Smart Action sequence is Wait.

Wait tells NEXUS to either to hold the button, trigger or stick immediately before it for a period of time, or to release it for a period of time. The slider below Wait provides a range of values from 5ms to 1000ms. If you need more than 1000ms to perform an in-game action, like a Reload animation, multiple Waits can be strung together in a chain.

Consoles games typically won't detect Wait times of less than 20ms, so use that as your starting point. PC games should be able to detect a 5ms button press, which is why values lower than 20ms are included.

The general pattern to follow for Smart Actions that repeat, like Rapid-fire, Turbo buttons or Tea-bagging, is to tell NEXUS to hold a button for a period of ms, then release it for a period of ms.

Note also in the screenshot above there is a small stopwatch indicator to the top-right of the Smart Action. That's where Wait Variance can be toggled on or off for that specific Smart Action.

Button States

Smart Actions can be triggered in a number of ways, including Press, Hold, Release, Double-press, Toggle, or Not Held. To access the button state menu, select a Mapping, open Smart Action Editor for it and press the arrow button below that Mapping's icon.

Most Smart Actions will trigger when holding a button or trigger, so Hold is the default state. If you want to trigger a Smart Action on a button tap instead, simply select On Press from the button state menu.

Some Actions only appear when a related button state is selected. So if you're looking for a specific Action and can't find it, select a different button state in the menu to display Actions that are only possible for that button state, like Hold or On Press.


Smart Actions can be enabled via multiple conditions, including Binding Active, HIP Only, ADS Only and Binding Inactive. Set a Smart Action condition by tapping the Binding Active icon near the bottom of Smart Action Editor.

It's easy to do things like separate HIP & ADS Antirecoil Smart Actions to accommodate different recoil patterns. Or use Inactive to turn a Smart Action off temporarily, so you don't need to delete it to prevent it from running.

I use HIP Only to prevent Autosprint knocking me out of ADS in Destiny 2. Autosprint can be done a number of ways, but I'll wait until the next firmware drop before sharing my solution.


With the basics out of the way, let's dive into some common Smart Actions.

Turbo Button

1. Select your existing Mapping for a button and launch the Smart Action Editor.
2. Select the Actions you want to add to your sequence. In this case, we're creating a tea-bag Smart Action using the B button.
3. To create the button Hold, add B to your Smart Action followed by a Wait of 50ms. To change the Wait time, simply use the slider below the Wait action. This tells NEXUS to hold the button for 50ms.
4. To create the button Release, add a second B to your Smart Action, then press the toggle below the button to change it to Released. The second Wait tells NEXUS to Wait another 50ms before repeating the sequence.

Because the Smart Action for B button has both Hold and Release states, the Smart Action will loop for as long as the button is held.

Hair Triggers

For a Hair Trigger Smart Action to work, delete the default RT binding, then setup a new Smart Action for the right trigger as shown above. We've already told NEXUS that RT is our Shoot button in Game Roles. The default RT binding will prevent Smart Actions from running on RT, so delete it.

A Hair Trigger tells NEXUS that as soon as it detects input from the Right Trigger, set the Right Trigger to a 50% pull. This value may change depending on the game, but go for something less than 100% and use On Press button state to allow other trigger-based Smart Actions to activate.


For Rapid-fire, create a second binding for Right Trigger and open the Smart Action Editor. Set RT to 100%, then add a Wait of 50ms. This value can vary, but setting it too low (less than 20ms) will prevent the Smart Action from running. This first Wait tells NEXUS to hold the right trigger for 50ms.

We follow that up with setting RT to 0% and another Wait of 50ms. That tells NEXUS to release Right Trigger for 50ms, which allows the Smart Action to loop.

Setting Rapid-fire to trigger only on a 100% pull means you have room on the rest of the trigger to fire manually.

Interestingly, I've noticed that NEXUS Rapid-fire does NOT disrupt Fusion Rifle charges in Destiny 2, which is the first time that's ever happened! It will however slow the fire-rate of an automatic weapon, so only use Rapid-fire on semi-auto guns.


NEXUS has unique Aim Magnitude and Aim Angle actions that integrate directly into the game's look mechanics via Smart Translators. This means you have FULL control over your aim, at any angle, using the thumbsticks & / or Motion Aim while Anti-recoil is active.

Unlike EVERY other recoil mod on any other device, there is no fighting the right stick when pulling up or down, and no more sawtooth or stair-stepping when aiming on an angle. NO other anti-recoil script or mod on ANY device can do what NEXUS pulls off here, thanks to Smart Action integration with Smart Translation.

For recoil control, add a third binding for Right Trigger and open the Smart Action Editor. Set RT to 100%. We're going to create a simple polar recoil pattern that pulls aim directly downwards (180 degrees) at a given speed (0.5) while Rapid-fire is also active on a RT 100% pull. Aim Magnitude can be tweaked to two decimal places for pinpoint recoil control.

NEXUS can easily manage progressive or ramping recoil by simply adding a series of Aim Angle, Aim Magnitude and Waits to counter more complex recoil patterns that change over time. This can be achieved in a single Antirecoil Smart Action of up to 30 individual steps. However, separating the X & Y axes into their own Antirecoil Smart Actions provides up to 60 steps of granular polar antirecoil control.

Multi-button Sequence

In this Smart Action, NEXUS is binding RS click to the Right Bumper as well as the default Right Bumper binding. I don't like clicking the LS and RS buttons on sticks as it creates wear and tear over time. So this Smart Action is to tell Destiny 2 to perform a Finisher before a Melee triggers on RB. If the Finisher isn't available, the Melee will still trigger. Holding RB will loop the Smart Action.


Smart Actions are a deep rabbit-hole, but this should be enough to get you started.

Please note that any Smart Action codes you share in the beta NEXUS controller firmware release are unlikely to work in future firmware releases as we are still in the process of refining some of the more advanced Actions.
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