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ugh so was about to get the greatest triple I would have ever got in blops  (Read 550 times)

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but nope one of the guys I kill quickly quits and the lobby is closed before I could kill the 3rd   :'(

I am so mad right now.... kinda amused about that though.... I mean heres what happened since my friends don't really care about CoD and I need to share this story...

gunned down one guy and run for a motion sensor (I use hacker because it lets me know where they are hiding lol) and instead of one person there are 3 people who start blasting me

I thought I was dead meat so I quickly start jumping and diving everywhere confusing the hell outta them and manage to take out 2 of them

the third pulls out a claymore so he was obviously a goner but then sudden lag then BOOM HOST SCREEN

 :'(  I quit xbox for today I remember why I switched to PC now lol.... actually who am I kidding I have the urge to jump back in right now

good news about my xim is that yesterday when training on my pc for today's xbox use I kept using my button layouts for xbox lol.... it feels the exact same as my pc version now  ;D
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