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USB cord extender limitations FYI. Tritton AX720 blurb too.  (Read 1278 times)

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I use the XIM3 with my PS3.
I have a 16' USB cable extender connected to a GT Max adapter.  The adapter is in turn connected to the XIM3.  Of course a wired 360 controller (official), a G500, and a PS3 chuck controller are also connected to the XIM3.

All work fine, no lag in input translation.

Also if anyone cares I have a Tritton AX720 headset with a 25' PS/2 cable extender from the amp to the headset's own cable.  No issues there either.  No extraneous noise and/or static and no loss in volume after the extension cable was connected.

I did try a 25' active (not powered) USB extension cable with the XIM3.  All inputs worked except for the PS3 chuck contoller.

If I come across a powered USB extender I'll test it out.