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got my xim3 today!!  (Read 948 times)

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got my xim3 today!!
« on: 10:59 PM - 04/25/11 »
Came home from a horrible 16hr. Shift today to find my xim3 waiting for me. Sweet! Took me about a half an hour to get everything set up (adjusting the dpi and polling rate on my razer naga and binding my keys... the tutorials from obsiv i watched after placing the order really helped me shoot through the setup) and wow this product is awesome. I also have a key/mouse adapter from brand x and the xim3 totally outperforms it in all areas. Actually i had looked into the xim2 before i bought brand xs adapter but decided against it because i didnt want to be tied to a pc. But yea actually brand x's adapter is so bad compared to the xim that im surprised they can keep selling them at all.
            So anyway just wanted to thank obsiv and the rest of the xim team for a great product and awesome support. To the guys that havnt done much research on key/mouse adapters and are looking for one look no further than the xim and this site.
             Oh just curious anyone so used to the ads slowdown in blops they just keep it at the same sensitivity as the regular smart translator? Thats what ive been doing so far just bc im so used to the controller...itll be one of those things ill have to experiment with though.

            Thanks again obsiv and the xim guys!

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