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Mouse Acceleration  (Read 1582 times)

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Mouse Acceleration
« on: 05:33 AM - 02/04/08 »
This was the biggest problem for me with the Sniper (and for the 360 controller itself). I understand that it is just replicating a mouse using an analog stick so it's not going to be perfect or quite duplicate the performance of a mouse on the PC, but I was hoping it would be a little mnore precise (the Sniper by itself). I just bought an XIM and am waiting for it's arrival, and I was just wondering to what extent it exists on the XIM or if it's possible to get rid of it altogether. With acceleration present you have to accurately predict where the crosshairs are going to land when you stop moving, and that's definitely not a strong point of mine or I wouldn't be looking for a M/K setup altogether. :P

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Re: Mouse Acceleration
« Reply #1 on: 09:04 AM - 02/04/08 »
It will be more precise than the Sniper alone. Acceleration is a big hurdle and Halo 3 has a lot of it. This is why I added the TranslationExponent knob in the configuration. The Sniper uses a straight linear mouse translation. The XIM gives you the option of choosing a curve based on an exponent that helps counter the acceleration. Mathmatically, it can't totally remove the acceleration, but, it helps a lot.
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Re: Mouse Acceleration
« Reply #2 on: 03:35 PM - 02/06/08 »
Agreed, the translation exponent will help out ALOT in regards to the acceleration that is experienced within Halo 3. I have been using around .35 and that seems to be a sweet spot for halo 3. Where as Cod4, I can use a higher expo and I really do not feel the acceleration as much (maybe half of the amount).

Sniper sux on it's own, it's really the biggest piece of crap ever designed - but it is a part of having a xim though (until x2 comes out).
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