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Flash Drop 20110407  (Read 22061 times)

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Flash Drop 20110407
« on: 03:02 AM - 04/10/11 »
Download Flash Drop 20110407


Several changes were made around mouse configuration -- please see the new Mouse Configuration instructional video for details. For other topics, visit the full Instructional Videos page.

  • On your XIM3, go to Settings and select "Enter 'PC-mode' on next restart" (Video Tutorial)
  • Unplug your XIM3 from your Xbox and plug into your PC (special PC-mode icon will show on the screen)
    **Unplug your XIM3 from your console before unplugging your controller (or you will have to repeat these steps).**
  • Download (link above), un-zip, and then run the XIMFlash executable
  • Follow the wizard steps presented
  • When finished, plug your XIM3 back into your Xbox

Operating Systems Supported: Windows XP SP2/Vista/7 x86/x64


New "Primary" and "Secondary" Mouse Settings user interface
The mouse settings experience was redesigned around a more flexible system that replaces "Secondary Sensitivity" with a fully customizable secondary mouse settings page. Among other things, the new system allows for a separate Smart Translator to be used when secondary is engaged. Separate expanded mouse settings are useful in games where gameplay commonly switches between two different look mechanics (such as when aiming-down-site).

New "Smart Advanced" mouse translation option
Smart translator mouse settings was split into "Smart" and "Smart Advanced". "Smart" was simplified with only Sensitivity and Game knobs. "Smart Advanced" includes Acceleration and additional new "mouse conditioning" knobs: YXRatio, Smoothness, and Boost.

New Black Ops ADS (Aim-Down-Sight) Smart Translator
New Modern Warfare 2 ADS (Aim-Down-Sight) Smart Translator
New Battlefield Bad Company 2 ADS (Aim-Down-Sight) Smart Translator
New Crysis 2 ADS (Aim-Down-Sight) Smart Translator
A separate translator was created that handles the unique look mechanic of the game's ADS. Intended to be used together with the existing "hip" Smart Translator and switched between the two using your existing ADS button.

New Crysis 2 Smart Translator
New Homefront Smart Translator

Updated Halo Reach Smart Translator
Updated Black Ops Smart Translator
Updated Modern Warfare 2 Smart Translator
Updated World at War Smart Translator
Updated Call of Duty 4 Smart Translator
Updated game Smart Translators using the improved Smart Trainer which performs increased detailed analysis of the game. Results in higher precision Smart Translators. As a result, higher Sensitivity values will be required than previous Smart Translators (this is expected and by design).

New Primary to Secondary mouse settings switch "Delay" knob
When dynamically switching between your Primary and Secondary mouse settings, there is now an optional delay (in milliseconds) that can be used. Typically used in games where aim-down-site (ADS) activation isn't immedate (such as when an in-game animation plays during the transition). Only appies when transitioning from Primary to Secondary (reverse direction is immediate).

New "Super-Preview" Configuration mode
While adjusting your Config, you can now try out all your new settings (with the exception of your Switchers) without saving them or leaving the configuration page. This enables much faster adjustment of settings to match your playing style.

New "Boost" knob
New "Boost" knob for Smart Advanced configurations. This knob adds in a user specified constant to all mouse input. The effect is an added "boost" of speed on small movements. Since Boost bypasses the slower-end of the game's look mechanic, it may result in "jittery" movement. Use the "Boost Jitter" knob to the right of the Boost value to "tune out" this jitter.

New "DPI Checker" tool
Under "Settings", use "DPI Checker" to determine the actual DPI of your mouse as seen by XIM3. It is used to ensure your mouse hardware settings are configured optimally. Use the XIM3 Mouse DPI Checker Grid (included in the flash package) to help make a more accurate measurement.

Fixed Yellow Screen issues
XIM3's onboard USB hub was raising a "yellow screen" error in some scenarios where frequent reattach of peripherals was occuring. Mainly seen by customers using manual USB switches to share their peripherals with their PCs. This scenario is now properly supported.

Razer Naga mouse support

Mionix Noas mouse support

Belkin n52te game board now identified as a KEYBOARD
The n52te will now show as a keyboard on your XIM3. You'll need to update your configurations appropriately.

Sony Move Navigation controller support
The Sony Move Navigation controller is now supported in wired mode. When your Nav is plugged into your XIM3, it’ll show as a joystick.
IMPORTANT: The red sync light in on the Nav must be OFF when plugging in to your XIM3. If is ON, wait until it turns off automatically and then plug in (otherwise, a yellow '?' will show on the screen).

Maximum turn speed limitation problem fixed
An important bug was fixed that was limiting turn speeds. Turning is much faster with this fix on all games. It’s recommended that you review your mouse Sensitivity and Acceleration settings after applying this fix. You many find that Acceleration is no longer needed (i.e. Acceleration set to 0) which is ideal to retain “linear” movement results. For more information about turning, see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3fCx9OLGF2Q.
Improved button support on mice
A bug was fixed that was preventing the use of all buttons on various mice. You may need to update your mouse settings to make all buttons visible to XIM3. For example, for Logitech mice, use SetPoint to configure your mouse buttons as “generic buttons”.
Device type identification improvements
Improvements have been made to the device type identification system that was preventing certain mice and keyboards to be detected correctly. Some mice present themselves as both a mouse and keyboard. When plugging in, XIM3 may detect it incorrectly as a result (i.e. a mouse shows up as a keyboard). If you are experiencing problems like this, simply plug in your device into it’s new “preferred port”. For mice, the preferred port is right-most (furthest from the console mini-USB port). And for keyboards, the preferred port is the middle port.

Device over-current detection
If your devices are drawing too much power, XIM3 will shut down the USB ports. Now, if that happens, a special icon will be displayed to inform you of the condition.

Device detection fixes
Fixed some XIM3 embedded hub issues that would cause all connected peripherals to not be found at power up.
Scroll wheel delay reduced
Reduced the mouse wheel scroll up/down “button” hold time.
Keyboard Up, Down, Left, Right movement behavior change
New keyboard button stick binding behavior makes it so that if both buttons in the same direction are pressed at the same time, movement stops in that direction. For example, if you have your binding as standard “WADS”. Pressing A and D at the same time will stop horizontal movement.

Fixed Red Screen issues
Fixed an issue that caused a "red screen" error to occur when certain configuration settings were used.

Known Issues:
- G9x mouse profile switcher locks XIM3
- Zowie EC1 mouse scroll wheel doesn't work
- Intermittent "robotic" voice when using headset

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