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Basic Adapter modification ->Please help<-  (Read 3412 times)

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Basic Adapter modification ->Please help<-
« on: 08:28 AM - 10/06/08 »
I know this isnt a modding community, but scince alot of people here deal with these specific input plugs, mabey someone could stear me in the right direction;
Okay, I got this ps2 macro converter adapter. pretty much the only one on the @#$% market!
basically, you plug your ps2 controller in one end, then plug a ps2 to ps3 adapter in the other end, and you can use it on your ps3 with a ps2 controller.
I want to use this with my ps3 controller. How hard would it be to remove the old ps2 adapter plugs, and replace them with usb in/outputs?
here are the photos of it. I opened it up, and took pictures...

On a side question, how hard would it be to reprogram or reverse engeneer this if I knew how to code? do these use hex programming? Thankxz..
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