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Guessing they didn't ship Monday  (Read 8234 times)

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Guessing they didn't ship Monday
« on: 11:29 AM - 08/29/08 »
Someone needs a lesson in scheduling.  More specifically, working with the public.  Seriously, I've been going to my mailbox everyday this week thinking it will be in there.  Would be nice if the guy could come in and update us, or at least quit saying one thing and it not happening and disappearing for a week.  Over 2 months now and still no XIM, if you don't think anything is wrong with that, you should learn to stand up and not let people run over you.  Keep in mind though, if this guy would simply stick to the times that HE HIMSELF post or quit posting he's going to do something and it failing to happen, I wouldn't be near as aggravated having to wait.  Why not just be honest with, not only yourself, but the community and say post realistic time frames.  You who say read the old post and whatnot, try following your own advice and read Dereks old post concerning the pre-order and release of the xim, time frames come and go and only post calling him out on his words get an update as to the actual progress, which is about as specific as saying... the future.   

Trust, I don't think this guy is a con artist, just, he seems to be very unorganized and disrespectful to the people that funded his board production. 

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Re: Guessing they didn't ship Monday
« Reply #1 on: 11:48 AM - 08/29/08 »
No, I do not think you understood his post.
I dop not post in fact this one and the response to the other one of similar topic just a few moments ago are my first. I have ordered the XIM2 and am #36 i think. The statement WAS made they would ship Monday. That is a fact. All I am saying is if that has changed, STATE THAT! I can live with out the XIM2 longer. Just keep us informed. That is not too much to ask, and if you think so then you my friend are the douche. Why resort to name calling. That is very childish. You need to grow up. Yes this is for a game and entertainment, but this is also a business ttransaction and should be handeleld with that in mind.

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Re: Guessing they didn't ship Monday
« Reply #2 on: 12:06 PM - 08/29/08 »
All that was said was Monday. There wasn't a date tied to it, and it may be that believing it was meant to be the 25th was our own mistake. Though updates would be nice, I don't plan on bothering anyone about it. Up to this point we have had updates, and schedules haven't exactly been that set in stone, so the lack of change regarding the pace of production doesn't bother me at all.

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Re: Guessing they didn't ship Monday
« Reply #3 on: 12:08 PM - 08/29/08 »
I can see where Durtbag is coming from, as I too have become a little frustrated by the lack of clear concise communication.  More updates on the forums would be nice, and most likely have cut down on the negative "where is my xim!" posts.  Your frustration is warranted; However, I believe there are more constructive ways to go about finding out the information you seek.

You could do as I did and private message Derek, who has responded to me numerous times to get the information you seek.  I realize that everyone is excited to get there xim2 and have waited a long time (some of those who were here from beginning have had to wait even longer!).

Keep in mind that the people who are doing this are doing it ON THE SIDE.  They have lives, jobs, families etc.  It's probably fair to say that since this is a "side operation", the timeline would be error-prone by default, as there was nothing for them to compare to in the first place.  Patience people.  The xim2 is on its way.
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Re: Guessing they didn't ship Monday
« Reply #4 on: 12:30 PM - 08/29/08 »
Guessing? really? his board production?  You have it all wrong. I completely understand polite inquiry, but this is just ridiculous. So what it looks like someone needs to learn a lesson in addressing the people who donated their time and money to make this possible for you.

durtbag, If you want a refund... request one through the shop. We have been 100% up front so I can only assume you don't know what a "pre-order" is. This is as close as you will ever get to the people making your product (again, with donated time and money from our OWN pockets, so good luck getting that level of support for free from some company.) Also, so you know, ETA stands for ESTIMATED time of arrival. Derek is extremely busy and dealing with this stuff only delays real progress even more. We aren't saying don't ask, but we are saying don't do it in an asinine manner.

Boards are shipping NOW as they are tested in as much in order as they were purchased as possible. (note: That order one through the shop isn't order 1 total. Some people had chances to purchase boards before the shop was opened.)

So, If you want a board that isn't tested or programmed just let us know and we can send yours out right away.

Another thing on dates and schedules. It's obvious that a lot of you don't understand the process here and how much time we are DONATING to get this done FOR YOU. It's sad when we are continuously reminded how we don't like to mention a date when people act this way when they don't get a box in the mail that week.

It's really starting to get a little ridiculous with people addressing us with this kind of intensity and mocking tone.

so yea, points to take from this presentation:
  • Boards are shipping as fast as possible.
  • We are truly sorry you thought one person could test and ship (teleport?) 200 packages in 4 days.
  • If you want a refund, ask for one as I'm sure plenty will be willing to take your place.
  • If you have questions about your order, email us like an adult and don't "call us out" in an immature on the forums in the wrong section.
  • If you want to just post something make sure its done in a polite way that will invoke a polite response.

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